Pens, pencils and paintbrushes are often used to create art. A new trend, the adult coloring book, has put crayons into the mix as well. While no one thinks that they are going to pass of the line drawings in an adult coloring book as art, some people may use it as a stepping stone to create other art. Although artists go on about the difficulties they face, there is one word you will almost never hear any artist use.  Words like struggling, suffering and starving are frequently mentioned in an artist's casual conversation when describing their career. No artist or almost no artist anywhere has ever used the term ergonomics, but using contour pen's to create art is an ergonomically sound decision.

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Writer's -- er, Artist's -- Cramp

Both writers and artists know that they risk tennis elbow and carpal tunnel as part of their professions. Which one of these a person develops depends on the nature of his work station and how a person stands or sits. A contour pen is designed to let the user grip the pen comfortably. Pencils are also designed using this method. Contour pen and pencils help prevent the artist from gripping too tightly. Preventing the artist from gripping the pen too tightly helps prevent a phenomenon known as writer's cramp.  Even if it should be called painter's cramp in the artist's case, there is little difference. Muscles in the hand have worked too hard and now they are having trouble contracting. 

How Do these Pens Help Create Art?

If an artist develops a hand cramp, he needs to rest. While he is resting, he may want to apply heat or ice.  If he uses a regular pen, perhaps the variety bought in bulk from a local office supply store, this will happen shortly. The contour pen extends the amount of time its user can draw comfortably. The rubber grip helps extend line accuracy for some people. Increased line accuracy reduces errors and allows the artists to spend more time on what is important to him.  Spending less time on covering up mistakes can also allow the artist to spend more time on drawing.  Few people are professional artists. Many people want to be professional artists, but they realize they lack the talent. The benefits for the amateur artist are almost exactly the same as the ones listed above, except they don't gain the business-related benefits.

Why is it Called a Contour Pen?

Neither the artist nor the amateur user cares much about why this type of writing implement is called a contour pen. The name is easy to figure out by anyone who looks at the item. These pens often have a soft rubber grip that conforms to the shape of the user's hands. Many different manufacturers include something similar in their designs. Most pen manufacturers do not specifically include a rubber grip that is ergonomically designed. It will not be long before it becomes the standard design, and these pens can be bought in bulk.